gabion, gabions

  1. a cylindrical basket or cage of wicker which was filled with earth or stones and used in fortifications and other engineering work (a precursor to the sandbag).
  2. a woven wire mesh unit, sometimes rectangular, made from a continuous mesh panel and filled with stones sometimes coated with polyvinyl chloride
  3. a porous metal cylinder filled with stones and used in a variety of civil engineering contexts, especially in the construction of retaining walls, the reinforcing of steep slopes, or in the prevention of erosion in river banks
  4. a knick knack, objet d"art, curiosity, collectable

6 letters in word "gabion": A B G I N O.

Anagrams of gabion:

Words found within gabion:

ab abo ag agin agio ago agon ai ain an ani ba bag ban bang bani bi big biga bin bing bingo bio biog bo boa bog bogan boing bon bona bong gab gain gan gi gib gin gio go goa gob goban gon gonia in ingo io ion na nab nag naoi ngaio nib no nob nog ob oba obang obi obia oi on

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